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Nov 29, 2013 10:20pm EST
a are some pretty extreme political phenomenon going on out there. use the word extremism advisedly in my title. we are seeing extremism. has a choke hold on one of two major political parties in this country. [ applause ] >> in a few moments, a journalists who covered the supreme court. after that, c-span's original ladies.first tonight we look at lady bird 1963 to, first lady from 1969. >> on the next washington vyard talks about recent proposals calling for code.s in the tax hen mark mauer of the sentencing project. the making of a statesman and the dawn of american power. washington journal begins at :00 a.m. eastern, 4:00 a.m. pacific on c-span. >> in many campuses, girls feel anged in school, robbed of their self-esteem and adolescence, and challenged in the low paying field. 21% of their salary. they say invisible barriers and hold rts of forces that them down and dheem back and keep them out of the high echelons of power. this picture doesn't fit reality. it's distorted. the false claims that support it have been repeated so many aura they've taken on an of truth. late 20th s of
Nov 30, 2013 4:30am EST
of a lot of places like that. not necessarily special or distinct, but it gives us an case study to do a about the problems, the media like that. think this is an opportunity to issues and not make it out as scotus blog is special. it's about media and transition. me third thing is if you see picking up my phone, it's not because i'm e-mailing, we might writing to the blog or twitter during the program. poker. ne >> that's right. john mccain and i have a game going. i'm being t think rude. for those of you watching the on c-span rogram and and i joined in thanking c-span encouraged you i o come visit the unbelievable facility here. extraordinary. portal.log is a we'll talk about the past. it has the legacy of having the title.og in the it's streaming one entry after another. to be a oal is comprehensive source of information about one nstitution and that is we want to have everything that's going n about every case that the justices are considering. that sounds more sweeping than s is, because the justice decide 80 cases a term. it's a manageable set. talk to every conceivable audienc
Nov 30, 2013 3:20am EST
that question talk about.or us to i do believe many of the business people and environment was who supported cap and trade were so focused on working out the details of a bargain inside of washington, d.c. trying to figure out how many allowances to give to which andons and how to reach out rope in more business leaders to support the legislation. the just operate on assumption that if they could get business support, that would deliver republican votes to congress. meanwhile, the republican party was changing. by 2009, that change had a label. tea party movement. which i did face to face interviews with the tea party people in several parts of the country and found for them, the threat of environmental protection agency regulating and cap and trade were right up there with obamacare as things they considered likely to lead the end of western civilization and the american way of life. [laughter] another one that they were very upset about. big-money funders. , altra works and others eeee markets -- ultra-fr markets were ramping up their running of ads criticizing cap environmental regulation try
Nov 29, 2013 10:15pm EST
useful on and it's stuff. my question goes to what i guess theoretical l the that on the left decidedly revamped, reengineered uclear option has some potential. robert stone, the documentarian has a new ably know nd fascinating film i think called pandora's promise about that prospect. backing from michael shellenberg and stewart brand. o my question goes to public opinion and nuclear power. have you seen any volatility on that front in the course of the last two or three years? >> good question. i think you should check out the scholars network that you should check out. we'll be featured by two political scientist, one at georgetown, one at m.i.t., where they're making an argument for energy innovation approach. and i'm sure , they probably have public that n evidence to back up. is opinion varies by the united states, everyone knows that. opinions are likely to vary regionally. s i recall, they were arguing there's a lot of public support option and ear itself whereas the relative resources and the opinions would things like solar and wind more in the northeast and in the n
Nov 30, 2013 4:05am EST
i used to put it about it, ead more read one to two page briefs on too.ebsite that link there at ame, fritz -- my -- he's north carolina. he coded the stories on all of networks. i only reproduced abc because he story for nbc and cbs was the same for abc. and i was trying to come up with a figure that there weren't too lines to figure out what's going on there. snbc wasn't very interesting because they basically said they -- they argued with fox. effect of the reproducing fox's story. -- about 30% ird of americans watch fox. a waning 30%. because they are older, conservative. but they're very loyal to fox. whereas other people either tv as much or
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5